biotech_06_produktionAt Bohus BioTech we have a modern production facility of 3,500 m2 that was completed in 2003 and where all products are manufactured. The facility is designed in accordance with ISO 14644.

Qualified cleanroom staff work in our production department and the facility is divided into two areas: blue and green zone. The green zone, which is the cleaner of the two, is certified to ISO classes 5 and 6. The blue zone is certified to ISO class 7. Both the green and blue zones have a chemistry and pharmacy department, and each has a support area. Hyaluronic acid raw material is manufactured and packed in the chemistry department and are then passed on to the pharmacy department for dissolution into various products.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, including filling and assembly machines, means that we can handle the products efficiently and safely.

Flow Chart production department at Bohus Biotech


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